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The Islais Creek Film


The film follows San Francisco's little known waterway, Islais Creek, while tracing its history and examining the human attitudes of the times. Through personal accounts, historical material and creative imagery, we unveil the creek’s losing battle with contemporary man and examine visions for its future.


Once the source of more than 85 percent of the city's fresh drinking water, Islais Creek has since been buried, diverted, and deemed lifeless in parts. From its first inhabitants through the Gold Rush, the Great Earthquake of 1906, and the slaughterhouses of Butchertown, to the rise of the modern Environmental Movement we'll explore the life of the creek. Islais Creek is an ideal case study of how humans have marginalized important watersheds in the name of progress, leaving little for future generations.


Our goal is to shed light on the plight and stewardship of our urban waters. As the fast growing city encroaches once again on this neglected watershed, we tell this story of forgotten San Francisco and are reminded of what we lose when we allow the natural world to be marginalized in the name of progress and development.


You can help us make this important project a reality by donating now.


Thank you for helping raise awareness about our urban waterways.

photo: Gollihur 2014

Boom on Islais Creek 

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