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Picnic at the creek

The Islais Creek Film board members took a trip to the creek exploring Islais Landing, the Pier 91 salt marsh and the inlet near interstate 280.

At Islais Landing - sandwiches were eaten and talk of the nearby pumphouse dominated the conversation. We guessed at how far out in the bay the treated sewage drains and how clean the treated wastewater really is.

The Salt marsh was refreshing and it was great to see the dizzying amount of bird life thriving in this restored section at the mouth of the creek.

Finally, we walked down the promenade by the new muni parking lot and entered the dead zone of the creek (and living rooms of many homeless people that literally live inside of the freeway off ramp). This area of the creek is the saddest that I've seen. Trash covers the ground and swirls about in the water while oily slicks of muck cling to the flood gates. Maybe someday we'll go there again and it will be all cleaned up, but we're not holding our collective breath.

Thanks to the board members for the lovely picnic at the creek!

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