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Thank You! Here's our new campaign!

Wow! That was amazing. Our Cocktails and Creek Tales event went off fantastically. I was floored by how much interest and support there is for this project. Thanks to everyone who came out to Islais Landing to help us celebrate our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launch! The breezy evening featured canoeing on the creek, sea lion spotting, "Brackish Mojito's" and some good old fashioned storytelling. We also raised over $500 in our first few hours and now we're up to over $700 in just a day. If you missed the event, we'd still appreciate your support. Our crowdfunding campaign is now live on Indiegogo, more info below. Thank you!!

Our campaign is live on Indiegogo and we need community support. Check out the new fundraising teaser - including epic drone footage of the creek! Access our campaign here: Thanks to Manu Shnetzler, David Lewis, Basem Moussa and Olive Mitra for your help with making this happen!

Photo: Basem Moussa - Canoe ride from our event Saturday 8/20

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